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Q1. What is the process of Certification on any ISO standard?

Answer: Generally it is that the company engages a consulting firm to take up the knowledge part of the standards requirement and establishment of the system in accordance with the requirements. Once the system is matured the company invites the accreditated certification agencies to carry out the audit and for certifications

Q2. How much time is required for any Certification?

Answer: If one goes by the book it takes 3-4 months otherwise on fast track it can be done in one month also.

Q3. If I have factories at two locations, taking one certification can cover both?

Answer: Yes one certification can cover both provided we have planned and offered audit for both the sites.

Q4. Why do I require BIS/ISI mark certification for my product?

Answer: ISI mark is for the product conformity to the Indian Standard and for lot of products posing safety to the user such as electrical items/ Cement/ Steel etc. is mandatorily requires ISI mark from BIS. One has to refer BIS literature in this.

Q5. What If, if I produce and Sale product without ISI mark falling in mandatory list of certification?

Answer: It is a punishable offence under BIS act 1986.

Q6. How Consultant is different form Certification body?

Answer: Consultant and Certification body are two poles apart doing the same job one is coach and Certification body is like an examiner who only examines and identify the gaps. Consultant takes up all the part such as Documentation, Training, implementation support and Certification hand holding and post certification follow-ups also.

Q7. How many certification bodies are available in India?

Answer: Overall it is estimated to plus 100 operating thru the franchisee routes, where in the certification issuance are not with them directly and with a very poor quality of certification services. Out of the total lot few are having a direct accreditation and they have to perform well as per the books and liable to give good auditing services. Worth mentioning that now a day's bogus certifications are also taking place in the market.

Q8. What is QCI?

Answer: "Quality council of India" is the apex governing body in India to monitor the certification bodies in India.

Q9. I have heard that the certification can be purchased from various agencies at a very low cost, is it True or Not?

Answer: Yes it is true, it can be but the authenticity of certificate is doubtful and above all it is something like buying a 12th class 1st division mark sheet for your kid without asking him to appear in the examinations.

Q10. Once I am certified will the agency visit us again for the compliance verification?

Answer: Only directly accredited certification bodies really revisit for compliance verification.

Q11. What all Comprises the consulting part?

Answer: It comprises all that is needed to become a company at par with the international standards requirements such as Good Documentation of Business Process, Training to all employees on the requirement and their roles, Implementation and time to time verification, Certification.

Q12. What is the tentative cost involve in overall certification process?

Answer: If it is ISO certification and done properly for a small time company (0.5 to 4 crore) to big size company (4 crore to onwards) it is 70K to 5 Lacks all inclusive of certification also.

Q13. Is the certification can be taken by a proprietary firm also?

Answer: Yes

Q14. Are there different standards for manufactures, Traders & Servicing Organisation?

Answer: NO, but yes sector wise some customized standards are available such as for automotive sector the QMS is better described with TS-16949 to the traditional ISO 9001

Q15. Are these certification are internationally accepted?

Answer: Yes, a proper/ genuine certification with complete chain of authenticity is treated as at par internationally. It is preferred here to have an internationally acclaimed and renowned certification body to be engaged for such requirements.

Q16. What all I have to do in my regular working to attain certification?

Answer: it depends on the present levels of standardization so it can vary from very start to the end, but the business processes to make the product will remain the same always.

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