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ISO 22000 Certification



ISO 22000 is an International Standard for FSMS (Food Safety Management System). This standard is generic in nature and can be applied to organizations of any type, size and nature. ISO 22000 Consultancy is the process of streamlining the system so that it ensures maximum safety in Food Products. ISO 22000 Certification adds on to the assurance of the customers in relation to food safety. This international standard ISO 22000 can be implemented by any organization within the Food Supply Chain irrespective of whether it has a direct or circumlocutory involvement. ISO 22000 is a highly efficient combination of auditable requirements of Food Safety Management System. It is a combination of HACCP Plan, pre requisite programs and operational pre requisite programs. Hazard analysis is the first step of Food Safety Management System as it involves identification of all hazards, analysis of significance and determining treatment methods required to establish an effective combination of control measures.

ISO 22000 international standard involves the following elements:

1. HACCP Principles
2. Pre requisite programs
3. Operational pre requisite programs
4. HACCP Plan
5. Interactive communication between processes
6. Monitoring & measuring tools and methods
7. System management


• Enhanced monitoring of process criticalities
• Enhanced awareness of personnel on compliances and significance of processes depending on consequences
• Enhanced focus on critical processes and reduction of monitoring time on lesser critical processes, thus enhancing productivity through effective ISO   22000 consultancy
• Enhancement in compliance demonstration to interested parties or legal requirements through ISO 22000 certification
• Systematic & synchronized management of PRPs and Operational PRPs
• Enhanced control of hazards and total compliance to HACCP principles

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