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Six Sigma is a term coined by Motorola that emphasizes the improvement of processes for the purpose of reducing variability and making general improvements. It is a meshing of several quality tools into a total quality methodology. When used properly, Six Sigma can provide amazing results to any company's bottom line. Six Sigma is a rigorous methodology that focuses on consistently developing and delivering virtually perfect products and services. Six Sigma is also a management strategy in which statistical tools are used to achieve greater profitability and breakthrough gains in quality.

Six Sigma is beneficial by driving data driven decisions instead of "by the seat of the pants" decision making. It has been shown to improve a company's overall competitive advantage.

For every success story there are many less than acceptable deployments. Six Sigma has been incorrectly used as justification for personnel reduction, and for taking directions where the data was not clearly and concisely supporting the conclusions. Deployment of Six Sigma should be both strategic and tactical for best results. Governance of the process provides benefits as well, so that over zealous practioners do not read into the data something that is not there.


• Cost Reductions
• Defect reductions
• Market-share growth
• Product and service improvements
• Culture changes
• Productivity improvements
• Customer relations improvements
• Productivity improvements

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