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British Retail Consortium (BRC) IOP Certification



British Retail Consortium (BRC) IOP Food Packaging & Packaging Materials Certification demonstrate compliance in hazard and risk management, hygiene, product safety and quality systems.

Every organization involved in the manufacture of all types of packaging and packaging materials can show their commitment to producing a safe, functional and legal product by obtaining certification to this standard. Certification is regularly required by customers as part of their supplier approval procedures.

The Benefits Of Certification

Obtaining certification will help satisfy your customers' expectations by demonstrating the plans, programs and systems that the standard demands:

• A Hazard and Risk Management System to manage risks by following a step-by-step approach
• A series of pre-requisite programs dealing with the basic environmental and operational conditions needed for the production of safe and hygienic packaging and controlling the generic hazards covered by good manufacturing and good hygiene practices
• The BRC standard is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)
• FSI recognition means you can use the BRC global standard to meet the requirements of these major players under a single, internationally recognized food safety management system.

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